ESGI is focused on delivering Solutions and outcomes by using the Internet of Things (IoT).  We deliver and maintain our client’s equipment on their quest to a smart building.  We achieve this by creating a Global Framework of Hardware and Software Partners that allows ESGI to offer a unique solution to overcome the various challenges a client may face in today’s technology driven assets.

As the world of IoT expands and more devices are connected, even more data will be created, which gives a deeper insight into the performance of assets such as buildings and infrastructure. The ability to add value to this data and drive efficiencies into balance sheets and operational budgets is fundamental to our offering.  ESGI will work with you to find a financial model that will help you achieve your goals.

We have Global partnership deals with many major hardware and software manufacturers, this allows us to be completely transparent and flexible with the roadmaps we create for our clients.

Business Intelligence

Our Business intelligence solution allows us to utilize technologies, applications and practices giving us the ability to collect data, integrate systems and analyze critical information that will benefit your business.

The purpose of BIS is to create and support better business decision-making processes. This allows us to create reports and uses querying tools to provide effective information.

Business Intelligence systems provide information that is historical and current, giving you a complete overview of the machinery that runs your daily business operations. Over the past few years, organizations have started using data as an important tool of information management giving them an integrated enterprise approach.

Once you understand your data, this will help you create a plan that over time will help you reduce your costs.

Energy Performance Management

Before you can develop a reliable energy efficiency strategy for your organization, you need a good understanding of how your business uses energy. Our Energy performance management solution gives you all the required information your business needs by taking your energy data consumption and analyzing daily, weekly and monthly consumptions.

With the reports created by our expert team, it helps you to understand the trends and see possible wastage across multiple utilities.

This can be achieved by plugging into your building management system or by providing a stand- alone solution.

Once you understand your data we are able to create a plan that will help you reduce your energy consumptions through physical upgrades or changes to working practices. These changes will create savings and improve working environment whilst providing the management team with critical information.

Remote Support

In order for your business to run effectively, it is essential that your buildings are safe and working efficiently. More importantly, should any problem develop, it is critical that it can be identified and addressed immediately.

At ESGI we have created a Command Centre which remotely connects to clients sites all over the world. Our team constantly monitor and manage our customer’s buildings systems to ensure that each building is operating efficiently. In today’s world of technology, related problems can be fixed remotely giving you the ability to reduce your down time.

With our 24/7 monitoring, we can quickly identify issues that can’t be corrected online and notify our clients engineers of the problem and its location. By utilizing our remote support service, it means your business is less subject to downtime, with fewer issues which could affect your bottom line.

Building Management System Integration

Building intelligence solution can help you achieve a significant reduction in cost by optimising the equipment used in your buildings and provide a better understanding of how it all works together.

Our expert team can help you through the design and implementation of your existing management systems throughout the buildings. The systems are then able to be controlled and monitored providing critical information on the functions that ensure the buildings run efficiently. These activities allow us to generate information that the client can use to plan savings through improved working practices and longer equipment life cycles.

We are able to offer a complete solution by using industry leading products that can be controlled remotely from our state of the art command centre.

Smart Community Designers

Smart Community is a community that seeks to develop smart solutions by using information and communication technology. The smart community also promotes the use of renewable energies, technology based controls and integrated management systems. We work alongside property developers to help develop and design smart communities, this includes heat, water, electrical equipment and life style information.

As the world population continues to embrace technology, we look to work with them in designing solutions that provide intelligent networking capabilities giving the end user a smart home to deal with the daily challenges of life. Our designing solution is based around getting the most out of your location by utilizing Internet of things technology.

Measurement and Verification Benchmarking

Energy efficiency projects do not always perform as anticipated for a variety of reasons. So it is important to accurately determine how much energy has actually been saved and determine if benchmarking is beneficial. This can be done in part through metering and sub-metering of facilities and equipment. Obtaining the correct interpretation of the metered data is essential and involves adjusting the data for such things as temperature variations, changes in building occupancy and use, and the installation or removal of energy-consuming equipment. The final energy consumption figures are compared to an accurately determined baseline of energy use to come up with the energy savings figures.

The measurement and verification (M&V) process begins at an early stage of project development when decisions are made on what type of energy-efficiency measures will be undertaken and how much energy savings/reductions can be expected from them. We act as an independent third party, assisting with each step in the process.

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